Bovine vs Marine Collagen

Bovine vs Marine Collagen

  • Ashley Cullen
Collagen has been causing some buzz, particularly in the beauty industry. First of all, what is it? Collagen is found in skin and other connective tissue, it is the protein that holds your muscle, tendons, and skin together. Through the years, it has been reviewed for its anti-aging capabilities. In today’s ingredient profile, we’ll be examining bovine and marine collagen, their benefits, and how they differ from one another.

Bovine Collagen

Collagen can be derived from many different sources, and one of them is from bovine bones, which hold a large concentration of the protein.

Researchers have been studying the effects that bovine collagen (as a dietary supplement) can have on our skin. In fact, they found that bovine collagen can improve the flexibility of aged skin. Specifically, it can increase the ratio of type I to type III collagen. What are those types of collagen?
Type I Collagen
  • The most abundant, it is found in your connective tissues and a major component of skin.
Type III Collagen
  • Found abundantly in the skin and in a variety of internal organs.
Is your skin dry, aging, or wrinkling? Well, introducing bovine collagen can benefit your skin by:
  • Promoting elasticity
  • Reducing wrinkles

Marine Collagen

Another source of collagen is marine, which is derived from fish or invertebrate marine animals (sponges or jellyfish). In the cosmetic industry, marine collagen is taken from fish scales.

Much like its bovine cousin, marine collagen could improve skin and gut health. In the form of gels, it is studied to help protect the skin from UV radiation and assist in healing the skin. Not only that, but some studies claim that marine collagen is absorbed better in the skin than that of mammalian origin.
Benefits of marine collagen include:
  • Increases Type I and III collagen
  • Helps skin retain moisture
In summary, both forms are shown to reduce aging in the skin. Collagen has been a popular natural remedy when it comes to anti-aging and taking care of our skin, without resorting to irreversible cosmetic surgery. 
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