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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Vivir Labs came to life via the shared passion of health and wellness between two life-long friends, Arna Jade and Matty Rann. Arna and Matty both sought to create healthier lives - not just for themselves but for the people around them. 

The soul of Vivir Labs emerged after Matty underwent a life-changing and life-threatening event in 2016. Matty, only 31 years old, suffered a severe stroke. With no pre-existing condition and a seemingly healthy life, the cause remained unknown. Against all the odds and the stress involved, Matty took his new lease on life and ran with it. His passion for health and wellness grew. 

At the time, Arna was working to grow a health and supplement business in New York. She faced regular anxiety and various daily stressors. Consequently, she began to experiment with different all-natural ingredients to create a formula that reduced her feelings of stress and overwhelm.

She eventually found a formula that worked.

From there, the pair put their entrepreneurial spirits together to create the products they felt were missing in the health and wellness space. They saw many individuals getting caught up in the anxieties of the modern world. Yet, most of these individuals wanted to lead healthier and less stressful lives. The main problem was that they didn’t have the time.

With the combination of natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients and the best labs using the latest nutritional science, Arna and Matty formulated the most effective health supplements & herbal products on the market.

After three years in the making, they now bring those products to you. 

Vivir Labs aims to support and reduce that stress in your daily life. Using natural ingredients and traditional approaches, Vivir Labs helps keep your body alkaline, with supported adrenal glands, so you feel better and less stressed.



Arna Jade: Health & Wellness Ambassador / Vivir Labs Co-Founder


With over 20 years of business experience and with family having health crises, Arna Jade is familiar with the common struggle of finding a work-life balance. In her own life, she began to face burnout, stress, and overwhelm. She knew other women could relate. The balancing act between career, family, and downtime wasn’t her struggle alone.

With burnout, Arna’s health took a hit. She noticed she put on weight. She felt more stressed than usual. Ultimately, this led to her feeling more and more unhappy in her life.

At the time, the promotion and development of her sport and supplement company forced Arna to move to the USA. And the move was much harder than she anticipated. Her anxiety and stress grew. Yet, with long hours spent in the lab, Arna began to investigate formulas to help improve her own health situation. She sought to find a mix that decreased her anxiety and reduced her stress. The right formula soon emerged, and Arna began to feel better. From this, she co-founded Vivir Labs to bring these formulas and products to other individuals facing similar issues.

Arna firmly believes that each and every person should feel happy in their own skin. She highlights her personal advocacy for body positivity and equality through true equality, not exclusive equality. In other words, Arna doesn’t believe the answer to equality is for women to separate themselves. Instead, she believes in proving one’s worth and finding that balance on a personal level. Each person is different. But we are also very similar. Arna’s learned not to allow others’ perceptions of her to sway her personal goals or journey. As such, she encourages other women to do the same and to actively find techniques and products that help them reduce the stress in their lives.


Matty Rann: Vivir Labs Co-Founder

Before Vivir Labs, Matty Rann had a seemingly healthy life. He ate well and went to the gym every week. He further had no pre-existing health condition or congenital disorders. But in 2016, Matty suddenly suffered a stroke at the age of 31.

The week that followed was filled with surgeries, doctor consultations, hospitals, and panic amongst his friends and family. Matty was lucky. He made a full recovery, with doctors referring to him as their ‘miracle patient.’ His doctor told him that a stroke of that severity should’ve left him dead. After various tests and assessments, doctors concluded that the stroke might have been stress-related. They could find no other cause.

With this new lease on life, Matty became even more passionate about health and wellness. He banded together with his life-long friend, Arna, to create Vivir Labs and to help others reduce the stress in their lives. 

Today, Matty is a proud father and husband, as well as co-founder of Vivir Labs. His wife, Michelle, further shares in his passion for all things health. She’s a Pilates teacher, nutrition coach, and a health and wellness ambassador. Together, they share their knowledge and story with others. They further continue to encourage others to live their best and most healthy life, without stress standing in the way.


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